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Nike Air Jordan 1 Low SE Tokyo 96: Re-release!!!

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low SE Tokyo 96: Re-release!!!

Nike released the Air Jordan 1 Low SE: Tokyo 96 in March 2023, and is now ready to re-release the pair on May 4th 2023.

The elegant and distinctive Air Jordan 1 SE Tokyo 96 mixes traditional Air Jordan 1 design cues with vintage-inspired accents. The 2023 release of this sneaker has led to its rapid popularity among collectors and sneakerheads. One of the most recognisable pairs of sneakers in history is the Air Jordan 1. Michael Jordan's first signature shoe with Nike, the Air Jordan 1, debuted in 1985. Since then, it has spread over the world and established itself as a mainstay of sneakers collections.

The Air Jordan 1 SE Tokyo 96 is a sneaker that pays homage to Michael Jordan's visit to Japan in 1996. Yokohama Area was filled with Jordan fans for the “Nike Hoop Heros” event which took place on the September 1996. The sneaker is inspired from the memorable moment when MJ played a 1 on 1 match with a Kejuro Matsui a kid who ended up to become a pro basketball player. He was wearing the Michel Jordan North Carolina jersey and MJ was wearing a pair of Jordans 12 taxi.  So basically, this pair is a combination of both, to give a tribute to this moment.

If we go into the detailing of the sneaker, it takes the classic design of the Air Jordan 1 and adds some vintage-inspired details. On the toe box it features a sail/off-white colour suede and surrounding the toe cap we have a tumbled Dutch blue synthetic leather. The front half of the sneaker shares a Dutch blue and sail colourway whereas the end half has a smoke grey and sail colourway. This makes it look like 2 sneakers are infused into a single pair. The shoe also features a "Nike Air" logo on the tongue and a "Wings" logo on the heel.

In conclusion, the Air Jordan 1 SE Tokyo 96 is a unique and highly sought-after sneaker that combines classic Air Jordan 1 design with Japanese streetwear influences. If you're a sneaker enthusiast, this is definitely a sneaker to add to your collection.

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